The Full Story


There’s nothing like that little spark of delight you get from an amazing beauty product. It could be your favorite eyeshadow, your go-to serum, or that perfect lip product you never knew you needed — they all have the power to enhance what’s naturally beautiful and make it glow.

  Glamorous Glosses started off as a simple thought in a conversation between a teenage woman (Savannah) and her best friend (Naila) during a shift at work. For as long as she can remember, Savannah has always been obsessed with glosses, oils, and balms. Yet, she could never find the perfect product.

 Naila believed anything was possible and held Savannah to high standards, stating that she was capable of making her own lip products. As Naila pushed, persuaded, and motivated Savannah, Savannah finally accepted the challenge and began to create a product that emphasized on what her existing store bought lip products lacked. Using pure oils, Savannah began to fall in love with the process of hand making her own products and selling them to individuals in her local community. Til this day, Savannah thanks Naila for giving her the idea, the motivation,  and the confidence to start her own lip care business.

Since 2018, Glamorous Glosses has been a beauty destination for high quality, natural products that our customers love and trust. With our handmade products, we are here to serve you and intend to carry it all. From everyday must haves to those rare finds you can’t seem to find anywhere else.


Glamorous Glosses focuses on providing organic products to fit the needs of each and every one of our customers.  With our rich formulas, we plan to provide items designated for you. From repairing your lips to intense hydration, we got you covered. 

As Glamorous Glosses expands, we will extend our all natural collection to not only lip care, but skin care as well. Our  customers are our priority and it is our goal to satisfy customers worldwide with our 100% pure oil based products. 

We walk you through the unique experience of finding not only the best, but also the most cost-effective products. Your skin deserves the best, invest in a brand that cares for you.